Mylène Farmer’s concerts at the Stade de France canceled to allow the police to deploy elsewhere

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The cancellation of Mylène Farmer’s highly anticipated concerts at the Stade de France has left fans devastated and outraged. After years of absence, the superstar was set to make a grand comeback, but the authorities called off the shows in the wake of violent incidents following the tragic death of a young man named Nahel. The reactions from fans were immediate, reflecting their deep disappointment.

The announcement came in the afternoon from the prefecture of Seine-Saint-Denis, just hours before the first performance. According to a police source, the decision to cancel Mylène Farmer’s two concerts was made at the request of local officials. Urban violence had escalated in Seine-Saint-Denis, with nearly all the municipalities being affected, as reported by the police source to AFP.

Fans "Disgusted" and "Angry" After Mylène Farmer's Concert Cancellation: Reactions
Fans “Disgusted” and “Angry” After Mylène Farmer’s Concert Cancellation: Reactions

Disappointed Fans Camping Outside Stade de France

Upon reaching out to Mylène Farmer’s press attaché, who represents an artist with over 35 million records sold, it was initially stated that they were not informed about the decision. However, the press attaché later confirmed the cancellation, saying, “We were working on the details, which will be communicated to you later.”

On social media platforms, reactions poured in immediately. One Twitter user, @sticktalk___, tweeted, “They canceled Mylène Farmer’s concert… You know we NEVER see her, and this was a comeback. It’s unbelievable what’s happening.”

@JulienSunrise expressed feeling “disgusted and disheartened.” For others, anger prevailed. In the past few days, fans had flocked to the surroundings of the stadium, some even camping out to secure the best spots for Friday and Saturday.

The French Madonna

“It’s very sad; I just sent a message to Mylène and her team. So many efforts have been ruined,” tweeted singer Michel Polnareff. Often referred to as the “French Madonna,” Mylène Farmer, at 61 years old, is an admired singer with millions of fans and an icon within the gay community. Although she maintains a low profile in the media, this figure in pop culture is renowned for her spectacular shows across Europe and even in Russia, earning her international acclaim.

Her concerts at the Stade de France, scheduled for Friday and Saturday, July 1st and 2nd, were set to take place four years after her residency at La Défense Arena and ten years after her last tour, aptly named “Timeless.” The diva’s appeal transcends the boundaries of pop music. In 2016, rapper Damso expressed his dream of collaborating with her, stating in an interview with MCE TV, “It would be cool. To put myself in Mylène Farmer’s universe, and Mylène Farmer in mine.”

Unrest and Destruction Across France

Since the tragic death of Nahel, a 17-year-old who was killed by a police officer during a routine traffic stop, numerous French cities have been marred by violence, looting, and destruction. Following a second crisis interministerial committee in two days, President Emmanuel Macron commended the “quick and appropriate” response of the 40,000 mobilized police officers and gendarmes during the night of Thursday to Friday, including elite intervention units. He announced additional resources being deployed on the ground in the coming nights, with armored vehicles from the gendarmerie being deployed, as stated by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.


The cancellation of Mylène Farmer’s concerts at the Stade de France has left fans heartbroken and frustrated. The anticipation and excitement surrounding her comeback were abruptly halted by the prevailing circumstances. Nevertheless, Mylène Farmer’s devoted fan base remains hopeful for future opportunities to witness her legendary performances.


1. Will Mylène Farmer reschedule the canceled concerts?

As of now, there is no official statement regarding rescheduling the canceled concerts. Fans are eagerly awaiting updates from Mylène Farmer and her team.

2. Are tickets refundable?

Yes, the tickets for the canceled concerts will be fully refunded. Fans will receive instructions on the refund process from the ticketing agency or point of purchase.

3. How can fans stay updated on Mylène Farmer’s future plans?

Fans can follow Mylène Farmer’s official social media accounts and website for the latest news and updates regarding her concerts and other activities.

4. Are there any alternative events or performances planned in place of the canceled concerts?

At the moment, there is no information about alternative events or performances as a replacement for the canceled concerts. Fans are advised to stay tuned for any official announcements.

5. Will Mylène Farmer address the fans directly about the concert cancellation?

While there is no confirmation, it is not uncommon for artists to release statements or address their fans directly during challenging situations. Fans can hope for a message or statement from Mylène Farmer expressing her thoughts and sentiments.

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