Why is Virat Kohli not playing T20? Know the reason.

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Why is Virat Kohli not playing T20

Why is Virat Kohli not playing T20 When people saw India’s playing eleven in the India vs England T20 series, many cricket fans were left in shock because Virat Kohli’s name was not in this playing eleven and it was not at all a good thing for Virat Kohli’s fans. The question arises that why is Virat Kohli not playing T20 and what is the reason behind it? If BCCI did not give place to Virat Kohli in T20, then why did Virat Kohli be dropped from the T20 team?

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Why is Virat Kohli not playing T20

Why is Virat Kohli not playing T20 : Anywhere, friends are very angry that a big player like Virat Kohli is not playing in this format. Why is a strong batsman like Virat Kohli not playing T20? There is a lot of discussion going on in the social media for some days or news in which big news is coming out about Virat Kohli.

Because what is the reason for not seeing Virat Kohli in T20? It is not a small thing for a player like Virat who has been out of such a big series, although some people are also saying here that Virat Kohli is not able to play T20 due to family problem. A strong batsman like Virat Kohli, who is always ready for big matches and is always available to play big matches, but this time Virat Kohli was not seen in this big series of India vs England, due to which Virat Kohli fans are not there at all. let us know what is the reason

Why is Virat Kohli not playing T20?

Virat Kohli was not seen in the T20 World Cup, due to which many news came to the media, even before this there was a lot of discussion about Virat Kohli, in which news about Virat Kohli’s mother came out on social media, however, according to some updates, it was told that It was said that due to ill health of Virat Kohli’s mother, he is not able to play T20 and this news started going viral very fast and when Virat Kohli’s brother Vikas Kohli told that false news is being spread about Virat Kohli.

And BCCI also did not give any answer and asked to remain silent. Meanwhile, people were saying that why did Virat Kohli go on such days in T20, no information was given by him.

Is Kohli in T20 squad?

When the news came out about Virat Kohli, many people wondered where Virat Kohli had gone without informing anyone, although the news was that Virat Kohli had gone without informing anyone, but Virat Kohli asked for some time for himself from BCCI and Rohit Sharma, in which He did not tell about any kind of thing and due to this,

the subject and Rohit Sharma agreed to give him time but Virat Kohli often keeps updating about his activities on his social media account but this time Virat Kohli Did not do anything like this but disappeared suddenly without any information and did not get any response from Virat Kohli and Virat Kohli is out of this T20 and you Virat Kohli is completely out of this T20 World Cup and this T20 World Cup will not play

Is Virat Kohli in the 2024 World Cup?

The discussion here about Virat Kohli was spreading very fast on social media. After all, why Virat Kohli is not playing T20 World Cup, it has finally been revealed, but till this point, Virat Kohli’s closest friend Abd Devils has revealed it.

Abd about for Why is Virat Kohli not playing T20

Yes, the same. AB de Villiers, who used to play for the RCB team and is one of Virat Kohli’s closest friends, whom Virat Kohli used to call Alien de Villiers and behind Virat Kohli’s disappearance, de Villiers has now broken his silence and exposed Virat Kohli in front of everyone. The reason for AB de Villiers’ absence in T20 has been given, after hearing this you too will probably be surprised that we got to hear such a big announcement from AB de Villiers.

Virat Kohli shocking news

Now the division went on YouTube yesterday evening and made a big revelation about Virat Kohli. Those who said that Virat Kohli is a fan, shut up for a while and give them some time because Virat Kohli is going to become a father again.

The reason is that they have been out of the T20 series and after hearing the news here, everyone felt very excited and the people here thought that why did Virat Kohli hide such a big thing from us and when the matter was put in front of the social media, a question arose in the minds of the people. It started happening that such a big thing was told by Virat Kohli that he thought of keeping Virat Kohli’s family matter private and here he told this matter to very few people, including his special friends, but in the end now De Villiers put the new thing in front of everyone and shared his broke leave

this reason Why is Virat Kohli not playing T20?

Who will replace Virat Kohli?

In the absence of Virat Kohli, after Virat Kohli in the T20 format, now there is a big question that who will replace Virat Kohli? In this, again BCCI and Indian team captain Rohit Sharma fell into the truth but Rajat Patidar was the placement of Virat Kohli. Rajat Patidar of RCB. He is a playing player for the side and currently he is playing in place of Virat Kohli in the test series and perhaps if his performance is good then perhaps he will play in place of Virat Kohli in the entire test match against England.

At last

Regarding Virat Kohli and his family, BCCI has given him leave for some time due to which you may not see Virat Kohli in this test series. The latest decision is being made that Virat Kohli should be out of this entire series. You may get to see someone else in his place. Virat Kohli has given more importance to his family and relationships, that is why he has asked for some time for his family.

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