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Poonam Pandey

Recently, big news is going on about the death of Poonam Pandey but in the meantime a big revelation has also come and it is being told that Poonam Pandey has not died. Yesterday on 2 February, there was a sensation in the media about the death of Poonam Pandey. spread but is it true

Poonam Pandey did not update after my Poonam Pandey, fans are angry over the false news, action will be taken against Poonam Pandey 2024

There was a big sensation about the death of Poonam Pandey on 2 February 2024. It is being told that Poonam Pandey has died. Poonam Pandey is one of those big actresses whose name remains on social media because of her strange name. Poonam Pandey. Although she is 32 years old, she has done many big things in her life and has also made big claims. Poonamis always popular on social media because of her style and style. Now something similar has happened this time too. Everyone is getting very worried about the news of Poonam Pandey, so what is the real truth of Poonam Pandey?

The truth

Poonam was declared dead yesterday due to survival cancer and this news was delivered by her manager. Recently, Poonam Pandey was suffering from major diseases and was given support outside the hospital for many days and Poonam Pandey posted this on her Instagram account.

She used to upload special news about her life and two-three days ago Poonam made such a post which the media found very interesting and the media raised big questions regarding this discussion. Poonam posted on Instagram. A post was written that these two-three days have been very difficult for my life and I will miss you all a lot and share it on your Instagram post or it was also written that my condition is very serious due to survival cancer. Is

Instagram post

Poonam Pandey ji was admitted in the hospital. She received information from the hospital that Poonam has passed away and this death took place on 2 February 2024. All the big news officials gave information about this news in their TV news channels and articles. Poonam has passed away.

Due to cancer, Poonam is no more among us, but the news spread so much on social media that people started investigating the matter. People on social media were claiming the death of Poonam. There is no information out from Poonam Pandey’s house. Only Poonam Pandey’s sister made a post on Instagram saying that Poonam is no more with us. This post started going out very fast on the Instagram handle. Due to which everyone thought that Pune Pandey was dead but the truth was something else.

Poonam Pandey did not update after my Poonam Pandey, fans are angry over the false news, action will be taken against Poonam Pandey 2024

Poonam Pandey did not die

On January 3, 2024, in the morning, Poonam Pandey made a post and shared that I am absolutely fine and nothing happened to me. There was a lot of discussion about Poonam death but here the news is very small, Poonam is still alive. Poonam had made a joke here to remain in the social media.

In a post by Poonam on Instagram, she has written in Raja’s thing, I am sorry to everyone, I am not here, just to tell you how dangerous and deadly canceling Survivor can be. But this joke of Poonam created a stir on social media due to which many people got angry with her and started saying various things to her in the comments. Poonam has a lot of fan following but her fans are not at all happy with her.

Anger of fans

Poonam is not at all happy with Poonam because this post is heart warming and makes people sleep because how can cancer kill a person so quickly, although cancer survives, treatment of cancer is also possible and such a big Being a celebrity, did Pune Pandey make this joke to remain on social media? What is the big news about Poonam that such a joke can have a negative impact on social media due to which the joke here has no meaning at all for the coming generation.

Poonam Pandey’s fans shared a lot of abuses on Poonam in the comment box. Some people even said that Poonam Pandey’s death did not make them as fond as they are now that Poonam is alive. It was a kind of useless joke. Till now many comments have come on Poonam Pandey’s post in which people have said a lot to her for making fun here. The question is whether any action will be taken against Poonam due to this joke.

Will action be taken against Poonam Pandey?

Poonam Pandey did not update after my Poonam Pandey, fans are angry over the false news, action will be taken against Poonam Pandey 2024

Poonam Pandey is coming on social media regarding action because Poonam has given false information. Will any action be taken against Poonam? Till now no action or any such legal information has been received that action will be taken against Poonam, although there is no evidence of action being taken.

There is no danger because without any information and without any investigation, the newspapers have written a lot about Poonam for doing social media work, even made an attempt on her death and also talked about her tribute on social media. It does not suit the people to write anything without knowing anything about someone completely, because Poonam Pandey may have already made this joke but the social media has declared her dead without doing any investigation and her Don’t know what all was written about it, hence the question is whether action should be taken against Poonam or not.

At the end

Regarding Poonam, it is clear to you that Poonam is now alive and is absolutely healthy and right now I am in Lokhandwala and she has kept her phone on and has stopped talking to anyone and has also called Poonam Pandey’s sister. Bhiwandi is coming and any big news regarding this joke from their side came to light when Poonam came on Instagram live and said that this was a joke which I did to attract social media, she apologized to everyone and that’s it. Due to this Poonam Pandey is now unable to answer anything

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