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Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey was born on 11 March 1991 in India. She is an actress living in Delhi, India. She is mostly recognized as a spot model in India because she is an Indian model actress who had reached a big position. However, he has died in the present year 2024. Know the reason of his death.

Poonam Pandey is one of those actresses who became famous on social media at a very young age. When she started posting her semi-nude pictures on social media, she became famous very quickly but many people started liking her and due to this she remained in the news. Poonam Pandey used to post her half-naked photos on the media, people were attracted to her and liked to see her. She said that there is no obscenity here but people are attracted towards her.

A big statement of Poonam Pandey remains much talked about on social media. She had announced on social media that if the Indian cricket team won the World Cup in 2011, she would become naked. However, according to social tradition, Poonam Pandey kept her promise. But later what she claimed was that BCCI refused to give permission but Poonam Pandey completed this remedy after some time when she posted a photo of herself on her social media which was without clothes and told that here the photo Will inspire the Indian cricket team

Career in film industry

When Poonam Pandey became famous in social media, she got a chance to work in the film industry as well. She did her first film in the year 2013, whose name was Nasha. In this film, her character was of a girl named Anita. The film Riya came in Hindi language. And she did another film in 2014, which was named Love is Poison, in which her character was as an item girl, which was released in Kannada language.

In the year 2015, when she started becoming famous here, she also did the film Malkin Ad Company, in which she played The character was a Malini Katha and here was a film made in Telugu language. In 2016, she got a chance in the film The Wicket, where she also came in front of people by playing the character of an item girl. This was a Hindi short film.

In 2017, she also appeared in Gaya Hero. She also played the role of an item girl. He played the role of Karma in his last film, The Journey of Karma, which was released in the Hindi language in 2018. In his entire life, he did four Hindi films, one Kannada film and one Telugu film.

Poonam Pandey husband

When Poonam Pandey was once in the reality show Lock Up, she appeared as a better contestant. She did many classes throughout her life in which she also talked about her married life. She told that even Mumbai was told to Bombay but till then she Brain hemorrhage had also happened but Sam Bombay lied to her and said that Poonam Pandey is doing everything because she is on social media and Sam Bombay said that Poonam had made allegations of molestation even during the honeymoon and Sam said. That I never left Poonam, this is a love story, forgiveness is a part of it, I too had apologized.


Model actress Poonam Pandey died at the age of just 22. The cause of her death is said to be cervical cancer and this news is going viral very fast on social media. The news of death has been confirmed by Poonam Pandey’s sister and Even before this, Poonam Pandey’s death was revealed by manager Nikita Sharma and Prince through a note.

Poonam Pandey died at her home in Kanpur and the last rites will also be performed there. On the morning of February 2, a post update was posted on Poonam’s handle on Instagram in which she had written that even today the morning has proved to be very difficult for us. It is very difficult to tell us this. We are saddened that we have lost our Poonam due to cervical cancer. We request your privacy in this sad time.

The news of Poonam Pandey’s death is spreading very fast on social media and for some people it does not make any sense because it is being claimed that Poonam Pandey and her loved ones are refusing to kill her.

And some people here also say that they have seen it only a few days ago and while some people are saying that Hona Pandey’s account has been hacked and are saying in the comments that don’t worry, nothing has happened and some people Here also it has to be said that how can cancer kill a person so quickly, rather the news of it was published neither on social media nor on any other format, in such a situation, after hearing the news of cancer, people considered it false.

Poonam Pandey death

Here is the truth that Poonam Pandey has died because Poonam’s close friend Nitin also shared a post on Instagram in which he paid tribute to Poonam. Account has been hacked and you will call me again and say that my account has been hacked.
Sanam’s close friend said that when we last talked, you should have told me, we all are very angry with each other and have seen a lot and 5 days ago you called and said let’s meet. His friend expressed his grief. I have so much to live for but no words, kids and everything else has gone away and I will miss you so much and you are truly the real Poonam Pandey

What is cervical cancer?

cervical cancer is by cancer which starts in the cells of the cervix. It is believed that cervical cancer is more common in women and it spreads rapidly on women. cervical cancer is in second place among women in India. 12 lakhs in the year 2020. More than 30,000 cases were reported while 77,000 of them died. cervical is the main cause of cancer. Human papilloma virus is the cause of HPV infection or Human Papilloma is a group of HPV viruses which has more than 100 types. And here about 30 affect the genital area.

cervical cancer

If this cancer is detected in the first stage then up to 90% of the patient can be saved whereas if the second stage is detected then the person can be saved at 80%. A person can be saved from this disease because of this disease. Treatment is possible in this disease. Doctors give regular scanning from time to time.

When cancer is detected, cryotherapy, loop, electrosurgical and single-ray procedures are carried out during the treatment. But the disease is not a common disease, it is a very deadly and fatal cancer. Which is a way to take a person’s life without leaving a trace. If cancer is not treated as soon as possible and this cancer reaches its last stage, then the chances of saving the person become very less, as it happened with Poonam Pandey, if the disease If treated at the right time and as soon as possible, this disease can even take your life.

At the end

Poonam Pandey died due to cervical cancer. This is a sad news because such a big celebrity and actor of the film industry lost her life due to the disease. Treatment of the disease is possible. Our heartfelt tribute to Poonam Pandey on behalf of the whole of India on this sad day. May God give the strength of self-confidence to the family of Poonam Pandey and if you are also suffering from the disease then definitely get yourself treated because the disease can become a big threat for you here. If you are interested in the hand then click on the link given below. Do this and know how you can overcome the diseases occurring

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