Why did Imran Khan steal? And a fine of Rs 23 crore

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Imran Khan steal : Imran Khan, who was once a very dangerous batsman, is one of the very handsome looking people. Imran Khan has been sentenced to a huge punishment during his free days. Imran Khan has also been a former cricketer of Pakistan and he led Rajasthan to the World Cup in 1992. He has also won the World Cup and Imran Khan was so famous and a big celebrity that girls loved him a lot and he had been married three times before, so why did you think Imran Khan was sentenced?

Why did Imran Khan steal? And a fine of Rs 23 crore

what is the matter (Imran Khan steal)

Imran Khan steal : Former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan has been convicted by the court in two cases and his current wife Bushra Khan has also been sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment and along with this, a fine of more than Rs 23 crore has been imposed on Imran Khan and his wife. And 8 days before the general elections to be held in Pakistan from February 8, former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has been sentenced for the second time. Imran Khan has faced many charges before this too but this time he has been slapped with a huge fine as well. And the punishment has been given not only to Imran Khan but also to his wife.

Imran Khan accused of theft

This is a shocking case for AAP Pakistan on a big official like Imran Khan because this case is not of any accident etc. and this case is also not a common case. Imran Khan has been completely accused of theft and after this Imran Khan He will not be able to hold any government post for 10 years nor will he get any government job because his name has been legally registered. Under this decision, a fine of more than Rs 22.37 crore has been imposed on him.

Why were the allegations made?

Former Pakistan cricketer Imran Khan has been accused of theft. Kalyani Tuesday, in the special court of Rawalpindi, Imran Khan has been sentenced to 10 years in jail in the secret letter theft case. The court’s decision here is a matter of shame in the heart of Imran Khan because such a big superstar and Despite being a great player, it is not a small thing that you think of Imran Khan like this and in this case, along with his wife Bushra, he has been accused of stealing children. This theft case shows how far Pakistan’s government has fallen. And does it suit such a big cricketer to steal?

It is being told that Imran Khan is not alone in this theft case, currently according to sources, the names of only two people are becoming famous on the entire social media, where the names of Imran and his wife are coming out very fast, but along with them, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party (PTI) leader and former Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi was involved in the crime. Imran Khan has currently been sentenced to 24 days in jail.

Wife also involved in theft Imran Khan steal

Last month, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had registered a case related to Toshkha against Khan and Bushra Bibi. But the outcome of this case is now coming to light in which both of them have been accused of selling the gold they received as gifts from the Saudi Crown Prince and after hearing the details of this case, the Accountability Court sentenced them on Wednesday.

Pakistani journalist Adish says that in Pakistan, information about gifts received by the Prime Minister, President and other people has to be given to the National Archives, but they did not give any information in this regard to anyone. If the value of the gift is to be deposited in this Toshakhana. If it is 10000 Pakistani Rupees then the concerned person can keep it without stealing any money.

Why did Imran Khan steal? And a fine of Rs 23 crore

price of gold necklace

Scam and theft while being the Prime Minister is not a small thing. The gift given by the Saudi Crown Prince is a small gift but it is not a small defeat. Its value is 18 crore Pakistani rupees which is a huge price in Pakistani rupees. This famous jewelery of Lahore was sent and here every Imran Khan’s wife was saved by a Pakistani minister named Zulfi Bukhari.

Imran Khan steal Punishment

Suggestion: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party (PTI) leader Saheb Mohammad Qureshi were sentenced to 10 years in Adiala Jail by a judge in a Rawalpindi court on Tuesday and imposed payment on them.

Troubled Judge Abdul Hasnat Zulqarnain brought his decision in front of everyone in support of former Pakistan cricketer Imran Khan and Qureshi Mohabbat. The hearing of this case is going on in Adiala Jail since last year. During the hearing, Justice Zulqarnain told the PTI leaders that his lawyer will appear in the court.

They did not face me and they kept putting a lot of pressure on Imran Khan after the fall of the government in 2022. What should a government lawyer be given? Or how? After the fall of the government in 2022, the then US service chief General Qamar Javed replied to him that there was a conspiracy to topple his government. Imran Khan was accused of informing about the conspiracy in a secret letter to the then US Ambassador Asad Manish Khan.

This letter was sent from the US State Department i.e. Foreign Ministry to Pakistan’s Ministry of External Affairs. In this letter, Imran Khan was seen waving in many election rallies in the year 2022. It was said that his government was overthrown by C at the behest of America. Actually this letter is a national secret which even the government has no idea about and cannot be seen in public place.

Apart from this, there was an audio tape description of Imran Khan in which Imran Khan had also narrated the voices of his Foreign Minister Saheb Mohammad Qureshi and Chief Secretary Azam Khan. While examining the video report, it was claimed here that this video record was genuine and was somewhere along with it. According to the untampered tape it was said here that (we will now reveal the cipher in Relia)

Imran Khan steal Lahore police Arrested
  • 3 years imprisonment in the case
  • On August 5, 2022, Imran Khan was sentenced to 3 years in prison in the fraud case. Imran Khan has already done such things for which he had to face legal punishment. Allahabad Trial Court, while giving its verdict, barred Imran Khan from contesting elections for 5 years. He has been asked to fight and along with this he cannot join any government party or Dal and after this Lahore Police has arrested him.

Apart from this, 15 cases are also legally registered against Imran Khan due to which his arrest is considered certain, out of which 9 will be prosecuted in the paramilitary group in 2022. Apart from this, a case of taking secret land for the university has also come to the fore. Has come in which he has worked as

At the end

Imran Khan steal A taunt has been issued against Imran Khan today and his arrest has also been cancelled. Imran Khan has been arrested by the Lahore Police during Holi days and he faces many charges including stealing a gold necklace and a letter in a party and Pakistan. It has been decided by the court that Imran Khan and his wife have been sentenced to jail, a fine of Rs 22 crore has also been imposed and many cases have been registered against Imran Khan even before this, due to which Imran was not legally forgiven and he was sentenced. was heard

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