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Samsung s24, South Korea’s Samsung company has recently launched Samsung’s s24. Samsung’s awaited event Galaxy Unpacked has arrived. The launch of this new Samsung s24 is a very happy occasion for mono Samsung lovers. Because this time you will get to see some new updates in Samsung s24 and this time you will also get to see A feature in Samsung s24, many new features are included in Samsung Galaxy s24 including live translate note assist and scale tool search limited. In the new feature, you get live translate through phone call, that too in few hundreds.

Type translate means that if you are talking to a foreigner or people of other language, then it will be heard in your language. This feature in this phone has one of its own. Created a separate space which provides convenience to the user to take photos and objects, cut them and make movies.

SamSung S2 AI

Samsung S2 also provides you the translate feature of languages through live calling which is a big thing which is not there in any phone till now. Samsung has become the first phone which has brought the translate feature in live call and it is a great joy for those people. It is a matter of living in other countries and you have to talk in other languages for your business. Priya Whip feature is absolutely shocking because here it will not only translate your call but will also translate your language to the person in front.

Samsung and Google have made a huge partnership to provide the best explanation to the users. Now you will be able to search for any song. In the new Galaxy phone users have been given the facility to search by making a Scale. For example, if you are looking at any photo, purse, clothes. By creating a scale on glasses and food,

you will be able to search its details and here anything you want will be possible in minutes and this feature has been included in Samsung S24 s24 Plus and 74 Ultra or the feature has been noted in Google and Samsung because here Those people who want to enhance the search experience in Google, if they are not able to do anything correctly, then now all you have to do is to search, put this true scale on the thing you want to search and there it will give you the search result in Google and here The feature works in everything like photo, text Etc. This will help people a lot in Google search.

You also get a feature in the phone’s room. The story in the Ultra model comes with interesting features and South Korea Samsung company says that the phone has become very different and advanced from the earlier phones. The phone is social media ready in the singer clip. Captures the photo and while clicking the photo, you will get various types of editing features in the gallery in which AI feature will also be available which will help you in making your photo better. You can select the object of any photo and change the background or something behind it. You can make it disappear and share this photo on any Android phone in a jiffy

Feature OF Samsung S24.


In Samsung S24, you get four rear cameras in which the primary lens is 200 megapixels, whose aperture is f/1.8, along with it the smartphone has Optical Image Stabilization (IOS), along with this you also get 85 degree field of view, the second lens is 12 megapixels. It comes with an ultra wide angle camera whose aperture is F/2.2. Talking about the third camera,

you get it with 50 megapixels whose aperture is F/3.4. It also includes OIS and not only this, you get its Along with this, 5X optical zoom is also available and the fourth lens is 10 megapixel photo lens with which you also get 3X optical zoom and its smart feature. On the front, there is a 12 megapixel selfie camera whose aperture is F/2.2 and field of view is 80 degrees.

battery health

Talking about battery health, there has been a lot of improvement in Samsung’s current phones. A very good battery was also seen in Samsung’s S22 Ultra, whose user experience was very good and if we talk about the battery of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, then for connectivity Galaxy S24 It has 5G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi7, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 5.3 and USB Type C port. Along with this, ESPN will also be available. It has a rating of IP68 for water resistant. It has a 5000MAH battery with 45 watt wire. And 45 watts wireless charging is available


Apart from this, SIM design is also seen in Ultra and it is not much and Samsung Galaxy S24 series display but this time the display of this lens has been kept completely flat. Talking about the display, in Ultra you will see a big 6.8 inch QUAD HD+ display. Which comes with 2600 NITS brightness, while the base model has Full HD Plus with 120 Hz refresh rate.


In Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, you get the new Snapdragon 8 GEN 3 processor, whose clock speed is given at 3.4 GHz and here Samsung’s processor is going to fail everyone completely because if we talk about it compared to the previous one. So. This is the best processor of Samsung. A fast processor has been provided and if we talk about phones of other brands, then the Snapdragon 8GEN 3 used in it is better than other phones. Its clock speed is 3.3 GHz whereas Samsung has given it 4.4 GHz.


Samsung S24 has been introduced by the company at a starting price of Rs 79,999 and here Samsung Galaxy S24 with 8GB RAM and 256 GB storage can be purchased with warranty price and the top model of this series is priced at Rs 1,59,999. Its price has been kept at Rs 100000. You will get the Ultra model with 12GB RAM and 1TB storage warranty at Samsung Store, however, you are also getting a chance to reduce the price of the phone with pre-booking.

Difference between Samsung S24, S24+, S24 Ultra

Session s24 and Samsung s24 plus and Samsung s24 ultra, all three are very special because here you get A feature in all three phones and in Samsung s24, let me tell you, it is a little bigger in size and with that in Samsung s24 ultra the site Along with this, you also get a titanium frame in it.

A titanium frame means that which was in the iPhone 15 Pro phone. Earlier, all three are very spectacular in appearance and come with a good display, but till now the most recognized is S24 Ultra. And in S24 and S24 Plus you get an aluminum frame and both phones have become very flat. Being flat means that if you keep both of these phones down, then both of them will stand on their feet but this phone It is also available in Samsung a24 ultra, this shows how much change is being seen in the design of Samsung.


Talking about protection, this time Samsung has launched this phone with very dangerous protection because even if you fall down from your bed, the phone will not touch the cross because it has the support of Gorilla Glass VICTUS 3 which is It is going to provide amazing protection and looking at this protection it seems that Samsung will leave everyone behind in the build quality this time. Talking about all the three phones, all the three phones have the support of Gorilla Glass Victor 3 and here all the three phones are quite strong.


Talking about the weight, the lesser the weight in the phone, the more stylish it is. In 4s24, it weighs 170 grams whereas in s24 plus it is going to be 200 grams which is also going to increase but in Samsung s24 ultra it is 233 grams. Talking about last year, this time Samsung has increased the weight by 1 gram more and you will get to see a little round in the side view of 24 Ultra.

User Experience

People liked Samsung S24 Kia series very much because in it people got to see the picture which is not available in any recent phone and only live calling translation is available in it which has created a new feeling in the hearts of the users. Samsung s24 s24+ and ultra created a stir in the market with its scale feature because this feature is given to the people to search anything in Google and it is available in all three colors, due to which Samsung has become popular in the hearts of Samsung fans. More space has been created. Samsung has once again shown why Samsung is such a big company.

in conclusion

You must have enjoyed reading the Samsung S24 2 series. Samsung is eager to bring more good phones in the coming days and this series of Samsung is making waves in the market and if you want to read about any other phone. If you see results then click here and do tell in the box whether you liked the information given by us or not. To get the first updates of flowers, turn on our notification bill.

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