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How To Make Chicken Recipe : Hello friends, today we will teach you how to make chicken recipe. We will teach you how to make a special chicken recipe and if you are crazy about chicken, then today we will tell you about a special chicken recipe which after eating you will forget it. If you can’t find it, we are telling you about one such recipe, so let’s start with how to make chicken recipe.

First of all, friends, to make chicken, you will need chicken. First of all, you have to put all the chicken in a bowl and first check the chicken to see if it is spoiled. If your chicken is already spoiled then it can spoil your health. Before bringing the chicken, check whether the chicken is fresh or old. If you consume stale chicken, it can cause illness or vomiting. Let’s start making chicken now and know how to make chicken recipe.

How To Make Chicken Recipe : Best Explain 2024
How To Make Chicken Recipe

How To Make Chicken Recipe

To make chicken, first of all you have to take out the chicken and then put it in a bowl and leave it for two-three minutes. After that, pour clean water over the chicken kept in the bowl and let the chicken soak for at least three minutes. I must give it four times so that all the dirt stuck in the chicken gets cleaned and the chicken becomes better and properly cooked.

If the washing process of the chicken is over, then put the chicken in a ball and put it in the hair till the water shrinks. When the water of the chicken goes down, take out the chicken and keep it in another bowl. After placing the chicken in the other bowl, put a little turmeric on the chicken. For your information, let me tell you that add turmeric according to your chicken and it is good. Mix it like this with your hands. After adding turmeric to the chicken, leave it there. Now let’s move on to the second task.

Chicken Recipe :

You might be wondering why I would have added turmeric to the chicken. Friends, let me tell you that turmeric works as an antibiotic which will help in keeping the chicken clean. Now you do not have to keep the pan on the gas and add spices according to the chicken. We are making fun and tasty chicken, the recipe of which may be a little unique, but you will be surprised to know that the recipe here is available in big hotels and people also like it a lot.

– After pouring oil in the pan, when the oil is hot, put the chicken you have brought in it and then fry the chicken properly for some time and when the chicken is cooked well, take it out and pay special attention to the color of the chicken. Do not burn the chicken and take it out in a separate bowl. And now add some turmeric powder and red chilli powder to the taken out chicken and come back to the pan.

Essential items

  • Chicken (boneless or boned, as per your choice)
  • Salt and pepper, as per taste
  • turmeric powder
  • Red chilli powder (as per your choice)
  • coriander powder
  • Garam masala (mixture of hot spices)
  • Garlic and Ginger Paste
  • Curd or cream (for marinating the chicken)
  • Oil (for cooking and frying)

Now we will start cooking the chicken, that too in the pan, but before that, some important ingredients are required for our recipe. If you have searched how to make chicken, then you will be able to make something good.
Two bay leaves, 9 to 10 black peppers, cinnamon, 2 large cardamoms, cumin seeds, and cloves or all these things are a must have in a good tasty chicken recipe. These are all normal things which you can get easily.

How To Make Chicken Recipe

Method Of Making

Now you have to put all the ingredients in the pan with hot oil. Let me tell you that in the pan in which we roasted the chicken, you can also fry it in oil. After putting all the ingredients in the pan, stir it for two-three minutes and then fry it for three minutes.

How To Make Chicken Recipe : Best Explain 2024
How To Make Chicken Recipe for Beginner

Cut four onions and add them and fry them well and let it cook until the color of the onion turns brown and keep the gas on low speed and you can add chopped red chillies and green chillies as per your taste and then After eating for some time, add garlic on top. If you have desi garlic then it is even better because the taste of desi garlic is very good and delicious.

Chicken Recipe (How To Make Chicken Recipe)

Let the food cook properly for some time and when you cook it on low flame, it may take some time, but when the onion starts releasing oil from the pan and the onion starts separating, then you will understand that it is about to be ready and When the onion turns brown, it is completely cooked. After cooking, you can add chopped ginger to it and if you want to make it spicy, you can also add chopped green chillies to it, which will make it spicy and fun.

Now after it is cooked, when you look at it, it will still appear normal but now comes the turn, for example, first of all add turmeric as per your taste and also add chilli as per your taste, add one or two spoons of coriander powder and then Let it cook a little and then add three to four cups of water to it. Then we have to cook it well. Remember, we have added water to it, so we have to dry it also so that the water shrinks and adds taste to the food.

After adding water, use salt in it so that onion and any thick cheese gets melted and a good masala is prepared. After the masala is ready, use chicken masala in it. You can use any chicken masala as per your choice. favorite which tastes good to you

How To Make Chicken Recipe

Preparing Chicken Recipe

Now you can add the spices of your choice in it. After adding all the spices and making the chicken masala, now after preparing the entire material properly, you have to add the chicken in it and keep in mind that the chicken releases oil when cooked and If you want gravy along with the chicken, you can add more water, but take some precautions while adding water.

How To Make Chicken Recipe in Home

Due to excess water, the taste may change because if you add too much water then it will taste bad. It will absorb all the spices there which can spoil the taste of your chicken. Lastly, limit the amount of water to a maximum of two glasses and then fry the chicken thoroughly. Keep an eye on whether the chicken is cooking properly or not.

Cook the chicken for at least 5 minutes because the more you cook it, the more the taste will increase and you can also test it in between to see if some spices are too much for you then you can add them as it is still cooking here. And if you add any issue, then take the chicken two-three times and cook it as per your taste.

(How To Make Chicken Recipe) After 5 minutes, I hope that by now your chicken would be completely ready. Now enjoy the prepared chicken and how to make chicken recipe. If you liked it, then do tell us in the comment box. If you have any suggestion about any recipe. If you don’t know or want to make any kind of recipe then you can contact us. How was the chicken made by you? Do write in our comment box. I hope you liked the way of making the recipe here.

in conclusion (How To Make Chicken Recipe)

All the remedies mentioned by us are in real form. If you are thinking of making a good chicken and delicious chicken then this article can help you. In this we have given complete information about how to make chicken recipe. Everything in the given article is definitely correct. And we have made it at home also, I do this, those who have made it must have enjoyed eating a delicious chicken. If you also want to know about the chicken recipe, then you can join our website, on this we will provide information about all the things. Keep updating about

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