Dhruv jurel cricketer : new star of cricketer world 2024

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Dhruv Jurel is the rising new star of the cricket world. Dhruv Jurel started his first T20 career on 10 January 2021. He made his T20 debut for Uttar Pradesh in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy in 2020 and 21 and here in the Under-19 in 2020, he made his T20 debut for Uttar Pradesh. Dhruv Jurel was seen as the vice-captain of the Indian team for the Cup. Due to being a new name, he is still in the hearts of the people.

Dhruv jurel cricketer : new star of cricketer world 2024

Dhruv jurel Born :

Dhruv Chand Jurel’s full name is Dhruv Chand Jurel. Dhruv Chandra Jurel was born on 21 January 2001 in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. Dhruv Chandra Jurel is a right-handed batsman and he not only bats but also does wicket-keeping in his team. Plays the role of both wicketkeeper and batting and Dhruv Jurel used to play for Uttar Pradesh team in 2021 and currently has made his place in Rajasthan Royals here in 2024 and currently plays for Rajasthan Royals team in IPL.

dhruv jurel cricketer

Dhruv Jurel made his T20 debut for Uttar Pradesh in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy on 10 February 2021. Prior to his T20 performance, he also captained the 2019 World Cup and in February 2020, he was included in the auction for the 2022 Indian Premier League tournament. He was bought by Rajasthan Royals in 2022. He played for Uttar Pradesh in the Ranji Trophy on 17 February 2022, where he had an excellent performance.

Dhruv Jurel played his first debut match for Rajasthan Royals against Punjab Kings in Guwahati on 5 April 2023, where he scored 15 runs. He brought his performance in front of everyone by scoring 32 runs in Bolo and due to this brilliant performance, he confirmed his place in Rajasthan Royals and from there he emerged as the new star of the cricket world.

dhruv jurel Cricketer career

Dhruv Jurel’s father is an army officer and he wanted to join the army since childhood but when he was only 10 years old, he joined the army camp and when he saw some people playing cricket for the first time at the army camp, then Durga Maa started playing cricket. He got attracted towards cricket and when he mourned for cricket, he became feverish. He had decided that he had to become a cricketer.

At the age of just 12, he had the power to hit very long shots and he opened the batting for his team in many matches. He also did batting and wicket-keeping through which he won the hearts of people and created a new identity for himself.
He also won the title of best batsman in the Under-17 School National Cricket Champion T20 in 2014. During that time, the group had scored more than 600 runs in 6 matches with four centuries and two half-centuries. The biggest success in his life was becoming the captain of the Under-19 team.

When he met, he spread his eyes with joy along with all his family and friends. It was a very happy occasion for him when he was selected as the captain for the first time in the Under-19 team and the secretary Tapesh was former Ranji player of India Sarvesh Bhatnagar.

also congratulated dhruv jurel On his becoming the captain, coach Parvendra Yadav said that the selection of Agra player dhruv jurel as the captain is a matter of great happiness for the Agra team and it is also a big achievement in itself. On his side, commentator Narendra Sharma says that dhruv jurel He has played a big role in the game many times to help his team win the match and with his brilliant performance, he will be a partner in giving good captaincy and victory to the team in future too.

Dhruv Jurel Family, Age, Weight

There are four people in Dhruv’s family, including Dhruv, he also has a sister whose name is Neeru Jurel and his father’s name is Nam Singh Jurel and his mother’s name is Rajni Jurel. Dhruv is currently only 22 years old and his coach’s name is Parvendra Yadav. And Abhay Singh is Dhruv, he is very famous for a match at his school level, here he scored 100 runs in 21 balls, this is a record in itself and Dhruv’s weight is 154 pounds if we talk about 70 kilo pounds.

Dhruv jurel cricketer : new star of cricketer world 2024

Dhruv Jurel Statas (2022-23)

Dhruv Jurel made his T20 debut in the 2020 and 2021 Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy on 10 January 2021 and played his fastest class debut in the 2020 and 2021 Ranji Trophy on 17 February 2022. He played two matches in the T20 format, where he scored 28 runs. He ended his innings with one run and a six and played four matches in the fast class where he scored 156 runs in which he hit 25 fours and zero sixes.

For the first time in Team India

Dhruv Jurel Team India was announced on January 12 for the first two matches of the five-match Test series against England, where Team India had also selected Dhruv Jurel. Now the Indian team has four spinners and three wicketkeepers. In which the name of Dhruv Jurel also comes and in the T20 series against England, India’s captain Rohit Sharma and vice-captain Jasprit Bumrah will be there and if we talk about the wicketkeeper,

then Dhruv Jurel has been included in the Indian team for the first time for wicketkeeper and batting, in such a situation, he is T Indian. Apart from Dhruv Jurel, he is playing the role of a new player in the T20 series. Apart from Dhruv Jurel, S Bharat and KL Rahul are also wicketkeepers in Team India and there is another Ishan Kishan but he has not been selected for the T20 series. The first test will be in Hyderabad from January 25 and the second match will be on 2. Will be played in Visakhapatnam from February where we will see Dhruv Jurel playing

Who is the father of dhruv jurel?

Dhruv’s father is from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. His father’s full name is Neem Singh Jurel. Durga’s father has served the country by being in the service. He was a soldier in the Kargil war in 1999. At the beginning of the war, Dhruv was also in the Indian service. Wanted to go and serve the country but due to his interest in cricket he could not do so.

Dhruv Jurel’s father wanted Dhruv Jurel to prepare for a government job, but when Dhruv Jurel saw his father saluting others, he felt good here. Dhruv Jurel’s father tried to stop him from playing cricket but the son had made up his mind. His father was strong due to financial problems at home. Dhruv Jurel has also shared this in an interview here.

Dhruv jurel cricketer : new star of cricketer world 2024

That I told my father that the cost of the kit would be around ₹ 8000 and the mother there was shocked to hear and refused to let me play cricket. It was not common for a father retired from the army to buy a cricket kit without thinking anything. The friends there wanted that the son Because of this there were opportunities in service, the prisoner did not buy the cut. In such a situation, Dhruv Jurel said that if he did not get the cricket kit, he would leave the house there. In such a situation, his mother sold the gold chain and got the kit for her son.

But as time passed, seeing Dhruv’s interest here, his father also started supporting him and when Dhruv was selected for Jurel Under-19 team, his father was also very happy to hear this and he felt real happiness when he came to know about this. It seemed that his son, Under-19 Asia Cup winner Dhruv Jurel, initially tried himself in all things bowling, wicket-keeping and batting, but due to not performing much in bowling, he was kept as a wicketkeeper and batsman and today India is there. Playing only as wicket-keeping and batting in T20 series for

Dhruv Tweet :

Dhruv Jurel Gaurav Chauhan was delighted to be included in the Indian squad for the first two matches of the Test series against England and thanked his parents for their hard work and sacrifice before starting his international career. In a tweet, Dhruv posted a picture on a video call with his parents and commented on the post in which he wrote that thanks have to be said to my mother and father who sacrificed so much for me so that the son could hold the bat and play cricket.

And he also promised here that this is just the beginning, Mom, Dad, we have to meet you both and we also have to earn a lot of name and the voice of former bowler Ajit Agarkar has been announced by BCCI Selection Limited for the T20 series starting from January 25 against England. Dhruv’s name appears in the 16-member team for the first time in International T20.

in conclusion :

The Indian team for the first two Tests against England is given in the table below. All the information is there. If you want to see the Indian team for the first two Tests against England, then the names of all the players are given in the table below, in which three Wicketkeeper and Rohit Sharma is the captain and Jasprit Bumrah is the vice captain.

Serial No.PlayerRole
1Rohit Sharma(Captain)
2Shubman Gill
3Yashasvi Jaiswal
4Virat Kohli
5Shreyas Iyer
6KL Rahul(Wicketkeeper)
7KS Bharat(Wicketkeeper)
8Dhruv Jurel(Wicketkeeper)
9R Ashwin
10Ravindra Jadeja
11Axar Patel
12Kuldeep Yadav
13Mohammed Siraj
14Mukesh Kumar
15Jasprit Bumrah(Vice-Captain)
16Avesh Khan

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