Delhi Earthquake, tremors in NCR, epicenter of earthquake in Nepal 2023

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Delhi has once again come under the grip of earthquake. Strong tremors of earthquake have been felt in Delhi NCR. The intensity of this earthquake has reached 5.6 Ma on Richter scale. Even before this, very strong earthquakes have happened in Delhi. Strongest earthquake in Delhi. It occurred on July 27, 1960 due to which there was a lot of damage and loss. The intensity of this earthquake was 5.6. Earthquake tremors in Delhi NCR. Plot line: There is continuous movement inside the earth in Mathura Flat Line and Delhi Moradabad Flat Line. This is the reason. Earthquake tremors are felt in this area

Delhi Earthquake, tremors in NCR, epicenter of earthquake in Nepal 2023
Delhi Earthquake, tremors in NCR, epicenter of earthquake in Nepal 2023

Delhi earthquake epicenter

Many states have been victims of the Delhi earthquake. Tremors have been felt in some parts of Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, limited to 53 minutes on Tuesday afternoon. Its intensity on the Richter scale is 4.6 according to the states. The center of this earthquake is Mafia. Nepal is being told and is considered to be the epicenter of Nepal earthquake. Four earthquakes have occurred in Nepal in 1 hour.

And looking at the situation in Nepal, it seems that if such an earthquake occurs in NCR, it will create havoc in NCR. An official of the National Center for Seismology (NCS) said that the first earthquake measuring up to 4.68 had occurred at 2:25 in western Nepal at a depth of 10 kilometers. After this, 2;51 After this the intensity of the earthquake was 6.2 OK, its shock came twice. The earthquake of intensity 3.6 and 3.1 came at 3:06 and due to this earthquake, the mud houses of Nepal collapsed due to which people suffered a lot of losses.

How was the Delhi earthquake detected ?

Earthquake tremors have been felt frequently in Delhi. Out of these, people shared a video on the internet showing that the movement of a fan on its own and the shaking of a glass placed on the table is not an extraordinary thing and people also shared the video on social media. That the sound coming from the glass windows in someone’s house and people always running around are signs of an earthquake.

Delhi earthquake shocks

Like your tremors have been felt in Delhi and its center is said to be Nepal. There is movement in many underground plots in the NCR district of Delhi. In Delhi, tremors are often felt due to work going on in the Blue Lines or because of Chhath. Tremors have also been felt in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. The reason for this is that due to the low altitude inside the mountains, tremors have been felt there. Earthquake tremors in Delhi and Nepal are not a big deal. Earthquakes are often likely to occur in waterside states. Due to this reason, Delhi NCR and Nepal have become its victims and not just once but many times.

Delhi Earthquake, tremors in NCR, epicenter of earthquake in Nepal 2023
Delhi Earthquake, tremors in NCR, epicenter of earthquake in Nepal 2023

Intensity of earthquake in Delhi today

Tremors have been felt in Delhi NCR for the second time in 3 days. Earlier too, an earthquake has occurred in Delhi NCR and it has come here within two days and the intensity of the earthquake was 5.6. And when was the capital Delhi the epicenter of the earthquake? Nepal In which more than 100 people were killed, the intensity of this earthquake tells how much money has been taken and how terrible earthquakes can be in the coming times. Is it more than an afterthought or tremors and due to the distance of Delhi NCR from Nepal being very less? The shock has also been felt in Delhi NCR

Why do earthquakes occur?

The Earth is made up of four layers: the inner, the outer core, the crust of the mantle core, the crest and the upper mantle cold is called the lithosphere. Now it has survived in many sections on a 50 kilometer long statue which are called tectonic plates i.e. the upper surface of the earth. They are made up of tectonic plates. These plates never fold again, they keep moving continuously. When the plates move towards each other, they collide with each other. Due to their collision, a large amount of pressure comes out which causes movement in the area. In simple words If I move too much on the ground

So the earthquake is felt and in the area which is called the fault line. The largest recorded earthquake so far occurred in Chali on 22nd of 1960. This earthquake of 9.5 magnitude intensity lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes but is the highest in history so far. A long-lasting earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean in 2004. This earthquake lasted for 10 minutes, whereas the most severe earthquake till date occurred in Shanti in 1956. This earthquake in China took the lives of 8 lakh 30,000 people.

What does intensity at the epicenter of an earthquake mean?

The epicenter of an earthquake is the place below which there is movement in the plots or the height of the earth’s surface. The shock of the earthquake is felt the most at this place. The frequency of this earthquake increases as the distance goes, its effect decreases. If there is an earthquake of high intensity, then vibrations can be felt in the surrounding radius of 40 kilometers. Earthquake is measured on the basis of one to nine on a blank scale.

It is measured from the center. How can one protect against an earthquake? Earthquake When the plates present in the upper surface collide with each other and slight movement always remains, but earthquake becomes dangerous when it exceeds 5:30 on such a scale.

Delhi Earthquake, tremors in NCR, epicenter of earthquake in Nepal 2023
Delhi Earthquake, tremors in NCR, epicenter of earthquake in Nepal 2023

An earthquake of intensity six and above is considered very dangerous, as was the case recently in Afghanistan. We can take some precautions to avoid earthquakes, such as, when an earthquake occurs, try to get out of the house and go out into the open. These Marathas should not stand near trees at all. People living in tall buildings should not use the lift to go down when an earthquake occurs. Do not stand near any flower or bridge. If an earthquake occurs inside the house, then under some strong furniture. go away

delhi earthquake today magnitude

Delhi Earthquake Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said he was “deeply saddened” by the loss of life and damage caused by the powerful earthquake in Nepal. After a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck a remote area of Nepal late Friday night and killed at least 128 people and injured more than 50, PM Modi said India “stands in solidarity” with the people of Nepal.
“Deeply saddened by the loss of life and damage to property caused by the earthquake in Nepal. India stands in solidarity with the people of Nepal and stands ready to extend all possible assistance. Our thoughts are with the bereaved families

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