“Thalapathy 68: Grand puja of Vijay on Dussehra Flim has taken Rs 200 crores.

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In the world of Tamil cinema, the name Thalapathy Vijay resonates with immense star power and an unshakable fan following. The actor recently graced an auspicious occasion, the Pada Pooja of his upcoming cinematic extravaganza, Thalapathy 68. In a visually captivating presentation shared by AGS Entertainment on their Twitter, now bearing the enigmatic name “X,” Thalapathy Vijay was seen taking center stage. His presence was not just for the customary ceremony but also to extend a warm welcome to the illustrious cast of the film. What makes this event all the more special is that it unfolded on the sacred day of Dussehra.

"Thalapathy 68: Grand puja of Vijay on Dussehra Flim has taken Rs 200 crores.

Thalapathy Vijay, the Leo star, made an unforgettable entrance, exuding charisma and style. With his inimitable swag, he set the tone for what was to come. The actor’s personal involvement in welcoming the cast members added a unique touch to the proceedings.

The guest list for this grand event was nothing short of star-studded. Thalapathy Vijay personally extended his welcome to a constellation of talents. Among those gracing the occasion were the legendary Prabhu Deva, the ever-graceful Sneha, and the timeless beauty Laila. But the festivities didn’t stop there.

The actor’s hospitality extended to an array of accomplished actors, including Prashanth, Jayaram, Premji, Vaibhav, Ajay Raj, Aravind Akash, Mohan, VTV Ganesh, Ameer, and Yogi Babu. Together, they participated in a sacred ceremony and captured the essence of the moment through a series of photographs.

Thalapathy 68

Venkat Prabhu, the director of Thalapathy 68, is set to work his magic in collaboration with music maestro Yuvan Shankar Raja. This marks their second collaboration, the first being the memorable ‘Pudhiya Geethai’ in 2003. With such creative minds at the helm, fans can expect nothing less than a chart-topping musical score.

Thalapathy 68 marks AGS Entertainment’s second cinematic venture with the iconic Vijay, following the blockbuster success of ‘Bigil’ in 2019. The production house is on a mission to replicate the same box office magic. However, the official release date of this much-anticipated film remains a closely guarded secret.

In the meantime, Vijay’s ‘Leo’ has been rewriting box office records. Co-starring the luminous Trisha, ‘Leo’ is the brainchild of director Lokesh Kanagaraj and a significant part of the Lokesh Cinematic Universe (LCU). The film has left an indelible mark not only in Tamil Nadu but across various states in India and the global box office.

"Thalapathy 68: Grand puja of Vijay on Dussehra Flim has taken Rs 200 crores.

Even before the release of ‘Leo,’ AGS Entertainment had hinted at their collaboration with Thalapathy Vijay for their milestone 25th film. Directed by Venkat Prabhu, ‘Thalapathy 68’ set sail in the first week of October. Yet, AGS Entertainment chose to keep the film’s details under wraps until ‘Leo’ had its moment in the spotlight, a decision to ensure undivided attention to Lokesh Kanagaraj’s directorial brilliance.

True to their word, AGS Entertainment unveiled a visual spectacle of the Pada Pooja ceremony associated with ‘Thalapathy 68,’ a gesture that confirmed the speculations about the film’s stellar cast. The video showcased actors like Prashanth, Sneha, Laila, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Prabhudheva, Mohan, Jayaram, and more. With the musical genius Yuvan Shankar Raja on board, ‘Thalapathy 68’ promises to be a cinematic extravaganza like no other. This film also marks several first-time collaborations, including Vijay’s first-time screen sharing with Prashanth, Mohan, and Laila, making it a much-anticipated gem in the Tamil film industry.

As Vijay’s ‘Leo’ continues its victorious journey, fans and the film industry alike are eagerly awaiting the next blockbuster from the Thalapathy. With Thalapathy 68, the anticipation is at an all-time high, and this star-studded event has only added to the excitement. The stage is set for yet another cinematic spectacle, and Vijay’s fans can hardly wait for the curtain to rise.

Who is villain in thalapathy 68?

Certainly, in Thalapathy 68, Vijay is going to play two roles, a father and a son, just like he did in Bigil. What’s interesting is that S. J. Suryah has been cast as the bad guy, the villain in the movie. This is a reunion of sorts because S. J. Suryah has played a villain before in the film Mersal. So, you can expect an intense showdown between Vijay and S. J. Suryah in the movie.

Which is thalapathy 68?

Thalapathy 68 is an upcoming film directed by Venkat Prabhu, featuring Vijay in the lead role. The film has gained attention for its casting, and one of the actors joining the cast is Ajmal, well-known for his performances in Tamil cinema. Initial reports indicated that Ajmal would play the role of the lead actor’s friend in the movie. This film is generating considerable buzz in the industry, and fans are eagerly anticipating its release.

who is thalapathy 68 director ?

“Thalapathy 68” is the working title of an upcoming Indian Tamil-language film. It is written and directed by Venkat Prabhu and produced by AGS Entertainment. The movie features Vijay in the lead role and boasts an ensemble cast, including Prabhu Deva, Prashanth, Sneha, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Priyanka Arul Mohan, Mohan, Vaibhav, and Jayaram.

Upcoming Project: “Thalapathy 67” Unites Vijay and Lokesh Kanagaraj Again

The upcoming project, currently referred to as “Thalapathy 67” by the creators, signifies the reunion of Vijay and Lokesh Kanagaraj, following their collaboration on “Master.” The film also features notable actors, including Trisha Krishnan, Sathyaraj, and Priya Anand, in significant roles. According to the passenger list, Trisha, Sathyaraj, and Priya have indeed embarked on the first shoot schedule, traveling to Kashmir.

Vijay’s enthusiastic fans took to Twitter to share the complete list of passengers traveling from Chennai to Srinagar, which includes cast and crew from the “Thalapathy 67” team.

Recently, Lokesh Kanagaraj confirmed that “Thalapathy 67” will be a gangster film. However, he clarified that it won’t be part of the cinematic universe he has been building.

Popularly known as LCU (Lokesh Cinematic Universe), this interconnected film world began with “Vikram,” which featured crossover characters from Lokesh’s earlier film, “Kaithi.” Despite recent speculations, Lokesh made it clear that his film with Vijay will not be part of the LCU. He provided this clarification during the trailer launch event of the Tamil film “Laththi.”

Addressing reporters at the event, Lokesh stated that he couldn’t divulge details about the project at this time. However, he confirmed that it wouldn’t be part of the cinematic universe. He mentioned that it would be a gangster film, but further information about the project would be shared after the release of “Varisu.”

Lokesh Kanagaraj gained fame following the massive success of his Tamil film “Kaithi,” featuring Karthi as a convict on parole to meet his daughter. The film took an unexpected turn when his character crossed paths with a local drug mafia while collaborating with the police for a major drug bust.

His previous release, “Vikram,” starring Kamal Haasan, emerged as one of the biggest blockbusters in Tamil cinema, earning over ₹400 crore globally.

What is the budget of Thalapathy 68 movie?

Sun Pictures, the production house, has made a substantial investment in the upcoming film ‘Thalapathy 68.’ They have allocated a significant budget of 200 Crores, which includes payments to the lead actor and the director. The shooting for this project is anticipated to commence in the latter part of 2023. However, it will follow Vijay’s completion of ‘Thalapathy 67’ and Atlee’s film ‘Jawan.’ This substantial budget allocation reflects the high expectations and excitement surrounding ‘Thalapathy 68.’

"Thalapathy 68: Grand puja of Vijay on Dussehra Flim has taken Rs 200 crores.

Thalapathy Vijay has really reached 200 crores ?

Thalapathy Vijay, a prominent figure in the Tamil film industry, boasts an extensive and dedicated fan base not only in Tamil Nadu but also in neighboring states. Recent reports circulated, suggesting that Vijay’s remuneration had reached a staggering Rs 200 crore per film.

It is well-established that Thalapathy Vijay is one of the highest-paid actors in the Tamil film industry. The reports on Twitter claimed that he was earning Rs 200 crore per film. However, a source closely connected to Vijay clarified the situation, stating, “Vijay is indeed one of the highest-paid actors in the country. Nevertheless, his earnings per film are not Rs 200 crore. His current salary per film stands at Rs 125 crore. After the success of ‘Varisu,’ he increased his remuneration to Rs 120 crore.”

movies box office performance

The source further elaborated on the rationale behind this substantial salary, saying, “Considering his immense popularity, the box office performance of his movies, and the revenue generated from digital and satellite rights, producers are more than willing to invest a substantial amount to have Vijay on board. His presence virtually guarantees success, regardless of the storyline. Therefore, producers are prepared to take the financial risk.”

Thalapathy Vijay’s most recent appearance was in Vamshi Paidipally’s ‘Varisu,’ released in both Tamil and Telugu. His next venture is ‘Leo,’ directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, scheduled for a theatrical release on October 19.

Even before ‘Leo’ wraps up, discussions are already underway regarding Vijay’s next project. There are indications that Venkat Prabhu might helm Vijay’s 68th film, although Atlee and Gopichand Malineni are also under consideration to direct his upcoming film.

In Conclusion: The Ongoing Legacy of Thalapathy Vijay

Thalapathy Vijay’s remarkable journey in the world of Tamil cinema is a testament to his immense popularity and box office prowess. While the reports of him earning Rs 200 crore per film have been clarified, it’s undeniable that he remains one of the highest-paid actors in the industry. His ability to deliver blockbuster after blockbuster makes him a prized asset for producers.

As he continues to enthrall audiences with projects like ‘Leo’ and plans for his 68th film, the anticipation for his future endeavors is sky-high. The Thalapathy legacy is far from over, and fans eagerly await each new cinematic adventure he embarks on. Vijay’s star power is as potent as ever, and it’s safe to say that his reign in the Tamil film industry is bound to endure for years to come.

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