ISIS Terrorist Shahnawaz Converts Wife to Islam: Delhi Police Raids 2023

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On Monday, the Special Cell of the Delhi Police made a significant announcement regarding the arrest of Shahnawaz, a suspected ISIS terrorist. Shahnawaz’s capture has brought to light a series of shocking revelations, including his conversion of his wife, Basanti Patel, to Islam. Here are the key details of this unfolding story:

ISIS Terrorist Shahnawaz Converts Wife to Islam: Delhi Police Raids 2023

Shahnawaz’s Background

Shahnawaz, a figure of interest for the National Investigation Agency (NIA), was one of their most wanted individuals. He possesses a background in mining engineering and graduated from the prestigious Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology. This academic background adds complexity to the case, highlighting how individuals with diverse backgrounds can become involved in extremist activities.

Arrest and Detentions

The Delhi Police’s Special Cell apprehended Shahnawaz from a hideout in Jaitpur, South Delhi. Additionally, two other individuals, both with NIA bounties on their heads, were also detained during the operation. These arrests underscore the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies in tackling terrorism.

Terrorist Module and Foreign-Based Handlers

Investigations revealed that the arrested individuals were part of a more extensive terrorist module with sinister plans to execute terror attacks across India. Foreign-based handlers played a pivotal role in orchestrating these plans and providing instructions to the group. The capture of Shahnawaz, who also goes by the alias Shafi Uzzama, is seen as a significant achievement in counter-terrorism efforts.

Recovery of Incriminating Materials

During the operation, the NIA uncovered chemical substances and other incriminating materials believed to be intended for the construction of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). This discovery raises concerns about the extent of the planned terror activities that have been disrupted.

Rewards for Capture

The NIA had previously announced a cash reward of Rs 3 lakh each for information leading to the capture of Shahnawaz and three other wanted terror suspects: Rizwan Abdul, Haji Ali, Abdulla Faiyaz Shaikh alias Diaperwala, and Talha Liyakat Khan. The capture of Shahnawaz brings a significant breakthrough in addressing these threats.

ISIS Terrorist Shahnawaz Converts Wife to Islam: Delhi Police Raids 2023

One of the most striking aspects of this case is the conversion of Shahnawaz’s wife, Basanti Patel, to Islam. Basanti Patel, originally from Gujarat, had married Shahnawaz when she was a Hindu. Following their marriage, she embraced Islam, and her name was changed to Maryam. This revelation highlights the complex dynamics of radicalization and the methods employed by extremist groups to indoctrinate individuals.

Educational Background of Suspects

It is noteworthy that Shahnawaz and his associates, Alam, Arshad Warsi, and Mohammad Rizwan Ashraf, are all qualified engineers. Arshad is even pursuing a Ph.D. from Jamia Millia Islamia. These educational backgrounds emphasize the diverse profiles of individuals involved in such activities and raise questions about how their knowledge may have been harnessed for illicit purposes.

Link to Terrorism in India

The ongoing investigation by the police revealed that the duo arrested earlier in July had been actively planning terrorist activities in Delhi and had reached an advanced stage in their planning. It is a relief to know that a potentially major attack has been thwarted, particularly as the festive season approaches.

ISIS Terrorist Shahnawaz Converts Wife to Islam: Delhi Police Raids 2023

Government Response

The Special Cell of the Delhi Police has also disclosed that Shahnawaz, the suspected ISIS terrorist, converted his wife, Basanti Patel, to Islam. Special Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) HS Dhaliwal made this revelation while addressing the media about Shahnawaz’s arrest. Dhaliwal also mentioned that Shahnawaz, who had been on the NIA’s most-wanted list, holds a degree in mining engineering from the prestigious Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology. He said, “Shahnawaz is a mining engineer from Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology. His wife, Basanti Patel, has converted to Islam and is now known as Maryam.”


The arrest of Shahnawaz and his associates in a coordinated operation by the Delhi Police is a significant development in the fight against terrorism. Their plans to carry out terror attacks across India have been disrupted, potentially preventing a major threat to national security. This case also underscores the need for continued vigilance and collaboration among law enforcement agencies to address the ever-evolving challenges posed by extremism.

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