“Manipur University Requirements: Exploring History, Campus , and Affiliations in Imphal, India (2023)”

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Manipur University, known as Manipur Taibang Maheikol in the Meitei language, stands as a central institution of higher learning nestled in the heart of Imphal, Manipur, India. Its inception dates back to the 5th of June in the year 1980, marked by the enactment of the Manipur University Act of 1980 (Manipur Act 8 of 1980). Initially conceived as a teaching cum-affiliating university with jurisdiction spanning the state of Manipur, it underwent a transformative metamorphosis into a central university through the Manipur University Act of 2005, effective from the 13th of October in that very year.

A momentous occasion saw the esteemed presence of Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, gracing the inauguration of the 105th session of the Indian Science Congress, held at the hallowed grounds of Manipur University, situated in the picturesque locale of Imphal.

Campus ” Manipur University

The sprawling campus of Manipur University, situated in Canchipur, extends over a vast expanse, covering approximately 287 acres (1.16 km2). This historic locale in Canchipur bears the echoes of Manipur’s regal legacy, once serving as the palace grounds of the erstwhile kingdom of Manipur.

"Manipur University Requirements: Exploring History, Campus , and Affiliations in Imphal, India (2023)"

Organization and Governance

The governance of this esteemed institution is vested in the highest offices of the land. The Visitor of the university holds the distinguished position of the President of India, while the role of the Chief Rector is fulfilled by the Governor of Manipur. As of the latest available information in 2021, the esteemed Chancellor is Nachane Dilip Madhukar, and the Vice-Chancellor (in-charge) is Amar Yumnam.

Affiliated Institutions

Noteworthy is the fact that Manipur University boasts affiliations with an impressive roster of 102 colleges, along with one constituent college, the Manipur Institute of Technology. Among these, several prominent names stand out:

  • Biramangol College
  • Chanambam Ibomcha College, Bishnupur
  • Churachandpur Government College
  • Don Bosco College, Maram
  • Hill College, Tadubi
  • Ideal Girl’s College, Imphal
  • Imphal College
  • Jiri College, Jiribam
  • Kha-Manipur College
  • Kamakhya Pemton College
  • Liberal College, Imphal
  • Lilong Haoreibi College
  • The Maharaja Bodhachandra College, Imphal
  • Manipur College
  • Manipur Institute of Technology
  • Mayai Lambi College
  • Modern College, Imphal
  • Moirang College
  • Nongmeikapam Gopal College, Imphal
  • Nambol L. Sanoi College
  • Oriental College, Imphal
  • Pettigrew College
  • Presidency College, Motbung
  • Rayburn College
  • Regional Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Standard College, Kongba
  • Tamenglong College
  • Thoubal College
  • United College, Lambung
  • Yangambam Kumar College, Wangjing
  • Moreh College
  • Centers and Schools
"Manipur University Requirements: Exploring History, Campus , and Affiliations in Imphal, India (2023)"

Manipuri University is also home to several centers and schools dedicated to various academic pursuits. These include:


Computer Centre
Educational Multimedia Research Centre
The Center for Manipur Studies
Centre for Developmental Studies: Conducting three-month intensive diploma/certificate courses in Japanese language, categorized as Basic-I and Basic-II.

  • Education
  • Humanities
  • Human & Environmental Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Social Science
  • Medical Sciences
  • Engineering

Manipur University Fees & Eligibility

PG Program₹46,000 (Total Fees)Graduation
BE₹63,250 (1st Year Fees)10+2
MBA₹46,000 (1st Year Fees)Graduation
MPES₹8,950 (1st Year Fees)Graduation
M.Sc₹8,450 (1st Year Fees)Graduation
B.Voc₹20,350 (1st Year Fees)10+2
MA₹6,450 (1st Year Fees)Graduation
"Manipur University Requirements: Exploring History, Campus , and Affiliations in Imphal, India (2023)"

Manipur University at a Glance

Institute NameManipur University, Imphal
Estd. Year1980
Approved/Recognised byUGC
TypeCentral University
Programmes offeredUG/ PG/ Diploma/ Doctorate/ M.Phil
Vice-ChancellorProf. H. Nandakumar Sarma
AddressIndo-Myanmar Road Canchipur,National Highway No.39 Imphal – 795003 Manipur, India
Contact Number0385-2435143, 2435765
Official Websitehttps://www.manipuruniv.ac.in/

Manipur University Recruitment

Exploring Opportunities at Manipur University: Your Gateway to a Fulfilling Career

Manipur University stands as a beacon of educational excellence, offering a plethora of job opportunities for individuals passionate about education. Delving into the recruitment process, Manipur University meticulously selects candidates who embody the ethos of education, innovation, and research.

Understanding Eligibility Criteria: Your First Step Towards Success

Before embarking on the application journey, aspiring candidates must thoroughly understand the eligibility criteria outlined in the job advertisement. These criteria, tailored for diverse positions spanning faculty, administrative, and technical roles, outline the required qualifications, experience, and specific skills. It’s imperative for applicants to meet these criteria to be considered for the roles.

Navigating the Application Process: Your Gateway to Manipur University

The application process at Manipur University is streamlined and efficient. Aspiring candidates need to submit an online application form, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information. Following the guidelines provided in the job advertisement and adhering to the specified deadline is crucial. A meticulous approach ensures that every detail is correctly filled, enhancing your chances of being noticed.

Decoding the Selection Procedure: Showcasing Your Potential

The selection procedure at Manipur University involves multiple stages, including written tests, interviews, and presentations. Shortlisted candidates progress through these stages, with an emphasis on showcasing their skills and knowledge effectively. Preparation is key; research about the university, anticipate common interview questions, demonstrate your passion for teaching and research, and highlight your relevant experiences and achievements.

Diverse Roles Await: Exploring Available Positions

Manipur University opens its doors to a wide array of positions across various departments and disciplines. From faculty roles that shape young minds to administrative positions that streamline the university’s operations, and from technical staff ensuring smooth functioning to research positions fostering innovation, the opportunities are diverse. Job advertisements provide comprehensive details about each role, including qualifications and responsibilities, guiding applicants towards suitable positions.

Embracing Benefits and Perks: Your Well-Deserved Rewards

Working at Manipur University comes with its share of benefits and perks. Employees enjoy a competitive salary package, comprehensive health insurance, retirement benefits, and access to numerous professional development opportunities. The university nurtures a conducive work environment that encourages personal and professional growth, making it an ideal workplace.

Crucial Dates: Mark Your Calendar for Success

Keeping track of essential dates related to Manipur University recruitment is paramount. Missing deadlines for application submission, written tests, or interviews may lead to disqualification. Stay informed about the start and end dates of the application process, interview dates, and other significant events to ensure your application is on track.

Interview Mastery: Your Path to Triumph

Preparing for the interview is pivotal. Research extensively about the university and the department you are applying to. Craft thoughtful answers to commonly asked questions, demonstrating your genuine passion for teaching and research. Emphasize your relevant experiences and achievements, and don’t hesitate to ask insightful questions about the university and the position you seek.

In conclusion, Manipur University isn’t just an institution; it’s a gateway to a fulfilling career in the realm of education. By understanding the recruitment process, meeting eligibility criteria, mastering the application process, and showcasing your potential, you can embark on a rewarding journey at Manipur University.

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