“Haryana on High Alert as ‘Shobha Yatra’ Stirs Tensions in Nuh District” 2023

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In a bid to maintain law and order, Haryana finds itself on high alert as preparations for a ‘Shobha Yatra’ in Nuh district spark concerns. The Sarv Jatiya Hindu Mahapanchayat’s call to resume the Brij Mandal Shobha Yatra on August 28 has raised eyebrows, especially after violent clashes disrupted the district last month.

"Haryana on High Alert as 'Shobha Yatra' Stirs Tensions in Nuh District" 2023

Haryana Chied Minister

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, expressing concern over the situation, denied permission for the procession. In a statement made during a program in Panchkula, he cited the need to uphold law and order in the region as the primary reason for denying permission.

The situation in Nuh remains tense, prompting the district administration to impose Section 144. Residents are urged to refrain from any form of movement during this period. Additionally, as a precautionary measure, all educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and banks, will remain closed, as confirmed by Nuh sub-divisional magistrate Ashwini Kumar.

Vishva Hindu Parishad

Despite the denial of permission, the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) has expressed its intent to peacefully organize the Braj Mandal Shoba Yatra. VHP leader Alok Kumar has assured that there will be no issues related to law and order during the event.

Addressing concerns about the yatra’s impact on security, Kumar stated, “We know that G20 is going to start, so we will shorten the yatra. But we will not leave it and will complete it tomorrow. I will also take part in it. The government is there to maintain law and order so that people can organize their religious events peacefully and safely.”

"Haryana on High Alert as 'Shobha Yatra' Stirs Tensions in Nuh District" 2023

To ensure public safety and security, significant security measures have been put in place. Nuh is now fortified with 1,900 Haryana Police personnel and 24 companies of paramilitary forces. All entry points to the district have been sealed, and the road leading to the Malhar temple has been closed temporarily. Notably, traffic on the KMP Expressway and the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway will continue unaffected.

As part of security measures, the state government has also suspended mobile internet services from August 26 to August 28.

In light of the tense situation, officials have been actively coordinating efforts to address any potential issues. Nuh’s Deputy Commissioner Dhirendra Khadgata and Superintendent of Police Narendra Bijarniya recently met with peace committees to ensure a peaceful yatra. Police Chief Kapur also chaired a meeting with senior officers from neighboring states – Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and the Union Territory of Chandigarh – emphasizing the need for coordinated efforts to effectively manage any emerging situations.

"Haryana on High Alert as 'Shobha Yatra' Stirs Tensions in Nuh District" 2023

Nuh district

The tensions in Nuh district can be traced back to July 31 when communal violence erupted during a religious procession organized by the VHP. The procession was attacked with stones, vandalized, and led to the destruction of private and police vehicles. Tragically, six people, including two home guards and a cleric, lost their lives in the clashes. The violence subsequently spread to Gurugram, resulting in isolated incidents of violence.

The clashes were reportedly triggered by the circulation of an objectionable video by Bajrang Dal activist Monu Manesar and his associates. Monu Manesar, accused of lynching two Muslim men, was expected to join the procession, escalating tensions in the region.

This situation remains a matter of concern, and authorities are working diligently to ensure the safety and security of all residents in the Nuh district.

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