“Resurrecting Legacy: Bangalore Watch Company’s Exclusive Collection Crafted from INS Vikrant R11’s Metal”

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Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], August 16: In a remarkable tribute to the historical significance of the Indian Navy warship INS Vikrant R11, Bangalore Watch Company and acclaimed sculptor Arzan Khambatta have collaboratively unveiled a unique collection. This collection commemorates the iconic warship by utilizing metal salvaged from its dismantled remains, which were retired in 2014.

"Resurrecting Legacy: Bangalore Watch Company's Exclusive Collection Crafted from INS Vikrant R11's Metal"

A Fusion of Art and Timekeeping Excellence

Mumbai-based artist Arzan Khambatta is set to create five distinct sculptures that ingeniously capture the essence of the warship. These sculptures serve as a testament to the vessel’s storied history. Additionally, Bangalore Watch Company will contribute to this tribute with the creation of a limited edition series of 70 wristwatches. These timepieces will incorporate the reclaimed metal from the INS Vikrant, forming a direct link to India’s maritime legacy.

A Symbolic Transformation

The INS Vikrant R11 played a pivotal role in India’s naval history, serving from 1961 to 1997 in various combat operations. It was the first aircraft carrier in the Asian region and facilitated vertical take-offs and landings of Sea Harriers in 1984. This vessel stood as an enduring symbol of India’s naval prowess and resilience. Kanishq Chhabria, Co-Founder of HEFTY.art, eloquently stated, “We are honored to be able to bring some parts of the ship back through these unique collectibles.”

A Fusion of Art and Timekeeping Excellence

Renowned artist Arzan Khambatta, commissioned in 2016 to craft a sculpture of the INS Vikrant, will now immortalize the ship’s spirit through five distinct sculptures. This artistic endeavor aims to raise awareness about India’s naval heritage and the INS Vikrant’s role in history. As the NFT market gains momentum, this initiative also promises to foster global connections among art enthusiasts, historians, and collectors.

Embracing Digital Provenance

"Resurrecting Legacy: Bangalore Watch Company's Exclusive Collection Crafted from INS Vikrant R11's Metal"

The collaboration between HEFTY.art and Bangalore Watch Company embraces innovation by incorporating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to authenticate and trace the origins of their creations. These digital tokens provide indisputable proof of authenticity and secure the lineage of these art pieces through a blockchain-based digital proof of ownership.

Engineering Elegance: The Craftsmanship of the Watches

The watches themselves are masterpieces of engineering, meticulously crafted using reclaimed hardened steel from the former warship. These watches feature cases made of marine-grade steel, anti-scratch Sapphire crystals, and are powered by a La Joux-Perret Swiss-made Automatic movement, boasting a remarkable 68-hour power reserve. The creation of these watches was a labor-intensive process, requiring months of delicate handling of the special materials to ensure their integrity.

Arzan Khambatta’s Vision: The Sculptures

Arzan Khambatta’s sculptures echo the indomitable spirit of the INS Vikrant. Crafted from sections of the anchor chain, each sculpture exudes a warrior-like texture and appearance, symbolizing victory over adversity. These sculptures not only embody the ship’s power and passion but also serve as a tribute to its enduring legacy. Through this art, the essence of resilience, strength, and triumph against all odds is encapsulated, resonating across generations.

"Resurrecting Legacy: Bangalore Watch Company's Exclusive Collection Crafted from INS Vikrant R11's Metal"

Owning a Piece of History

Enthusiasts and collectors alike will have the opportunity to own a piece of this historical tribute. The 70 limited-edition watches will be available for reservation on the Bangalore Watch Company website starting from August 15th, 2023. These watches, priced at INR 2,12,000/-, will be shipped worldwide. Similarly, the five exclusive sculptures will be redeemable through the HEFTY.art platform upon purchasing the corresponding NFT, starting from the same date. The sculptures, priced at INR 7,50,000/-, will also be available for worldwide shipping.

Artists at Heart: Arzan Khambatta and HEFTY.art

Arzan Khambatta’s journey from architecture to artistry reflects his profound passion for sculpting, evident in his imaginative use of reclaimed materials. HEFTY.art, on the other hand, serves as a dynamic platform bridging traditional and digital art, championing creativity and collaboration.

Writing History: Bangalore Watch Company

Bangalore Watch Company has made a mark in the luxury wristwatch market by expertly weaving stories from various facets of modern India into their limited-edition collections. Founded in 2018, the brand has garnered a global following, captivating patrons across more than 30 countries.


The collaboration between sculptor Arzan Khambatta, Bangalore Watch Company, and HEFTY.art stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the INS Vikrant R11. By fusing art and horology, this unique collection pays homage to a historic warship that symbolized India’s naval might. These limited-edition watches and sculptures, meticulously crafted with reclaimed materials, bridge the gap between the past and the present, enabling enthusiasts to own a tangible piece of history.

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