OMG 2 Review: Akshay Shines, but Pankaj Tripathi Scores in This Film on Sex Education

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In the world of cinema, the fusion of entertainment and meaningful narratives is a rare gem. Director Amit Rai’s latest offering, ‘OMG 2’, starring the dynamic duo of Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi, masterfully bridges this gap, delivering a comedy drama with a profound message on sex education. The film not only showcases brilliant performances but also resonates with audiences through its powerful storytelling. In this review, we delve into the captivating journey of ‘OMG 2’, exploring its characters, themes, and impact.

OMG 2 Review: Akshay Shines, but Pankaj Tripathi Scores in This Film on Sex Education

A Treacherous Path: Balancing Entertainment and Message

Treading the delicate path of intertwining entertainment with a socially relevant message is no small feat. ‘OMG 2’ fearlessly walks this tightrope, successfully maintaining the charisma of Akshay Kumar while addressing the sensitive subject of sex education. The film is a sequel to the 2012 sleeper hit ‘OMG’, which starred Paresh Rawal. This time around, Pankaj Tripathi takes the lead as Kanti Mudgal, a devout Shiv bhakt in a small town.

Unveiling the Plot: Struggles and Challenges

The narrative kicks into gear when Kanti’s son, Vivek, becomes embroiled in a scandalous MMS controversy, where he is caught masturbating in school. This event shatters Kanti’s world, subjecting his family to social ostracism and scorn. It’s here that Akshay Kumar’s character, a dedicated Shiv devotee, steps in with a divine purpose. He assists Kanti in navigating a challenging court case against formidable adversaries and strives to restore his son’s dignity.

OMG 2 Review: Akshay Shines, but Pankaj Tripathi Scores in This Film on Sex Education

A Perfect Blend: Humor, Wit, and Realism

‘OMG 2’ strikes the perfect equilibrium between humor, wit, and realism, complemented by a stellar ensemble cast led by the talented Pankaj Tripathi. Amit Rai’s screenplay is sharp, and the dialogues resonate deeply. Each character, from Kanti’s daughter to the presiding judge and his assistant, is impeccably portrayed, embodying roles that feel tailor-made for these gifted actors. Despite the weight of the topic, the film maintains a consistent pace, keeping viewers engaged throughout.

The Powerhouse Performances OMG 2

Yami Gautam’s portrayal of the opposing lawyer defending the school is nothing short of brilliant. Her on-screen presence adds layers of complexity to the narrative. Akshay Kumar’s mischievous smile and twinkle in his eye infuse his character with charm and authenticity. His chemistry with Pankaj Tripathi shines as a major highlight of the film. Director Rai deftly addresses the societal taboo surrounding sex education, leading to thought-provoking discussions.

OMG 2 Review: Akshay Shines, but Pankaj Tripathi Scores in This Film on Sex Education

Imperfections in an Otherwise Flawless Narrative

As with any film, ‘OMG 2’ is not without its flaws. The latter half, particularly the final 20-30 minutes, feels slightly disjointed and overly stretched. Some courtroom scenes lack the desired impact, owing to prolonged pauses between dialogues. Nonetheless, these minor shortcomings do not eclipse the film’s overall brilliance.

A Balanced Triumph: Entertainment with Substance

In summary, ‘OMG 2’ emerges as a cinematic gem that blends entertainment with a meaningful message. Audiences are treated to a compelling storyline, phenomenal performances, and an overarching theme that resonates deeply. Akshay Kumar’s fans will relish his remarkable performance in what can be considered one of his career highlights. Director Amit Rai skillfully dismantles the barriers surrounding sex education, challenging societal norms and leaving audiences pondering.


Q1: When was the first installment of ‘OMG’ released? A: The first installment, ‘OMG’, was released in 2012.

Q2: Who are the lead actors in ‘OMG 2’? A: The film stars Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi in lead roles.

Q3: What is the central theme of ‘OMG 2’? A: ‘OMG 2’ explores the sensitive topic of sex education while maintaining its entertainment quotient.

Q4: How does Akshay Kumar’s character impact the storyline? A: Akshay Kumar’s character intervenes with divine intention to help Kanti Mudgal fight a court case and redeem his son’s self-respect.

Q5: What stands out in ‘OMG 2’? A: The film’s exceptional performances, witty dialogues, and its ability to address a significant subject with grace set it apart.

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