MS Dhoni’s Daughter Ziva Studies In THIS Elite School, Annual Fees Will SHOCK You2023

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In the world of Indian cricket, MS Dhoni needs no introduction. He is not only known for his exceptional leadership on the field but also for his down-to-earth personality off the field. However, what many might not know is that MS Dhoni’s daughter, Ziva, is now making waves of her own. At the tender age of 9, she has already garnered an impressive following of over 2 million on Instagram. Today, we delve into Ziva’s academic journey and explore the elite school where she studies, with annual fees that may surprise you.

MS Dhoni's Daughter Ziva Studies In THIS Elite School, Annual Fees Will SHOCK You2023

The MS Dhoni of Indian Cricket

Before we dive into Ziva’s educational pursuits, let’s take a moment to understand the man behind the legendary cricketer. Despite earning crores annually through various commercial deals, IPL contracts, and successful businesses, MS Dhoni remains grounded. Fondly called ‘Mahiya’ by his childhood friends, he continues to cherish the simple joys of life. Although he possesses a stunning collection of luxurious, vintage cars, bikes, and a lavish farmhouse in Ranchi, Dhoni chose to remain rooted in his hometown.

Passing on the Legacy to the Next Generation

MS Dhoni’s devotion to his roots extends to his daughter, Ziva. In 2015, when Ziva was born, Dhoni was away in Australia, representing and leading Team India in an attempt to defend the ODI World Cup trophy. Despite the distance, he has always prioritized his family and the values he holds dear. To ensure that his daughter grows up with a sense of connection to her roots, Ziva is being brought up in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand.

Ziva’s Educational Journey

Ziva Dhoni is currently 8 years old and a student of Class 3. She attends the prestigious Taurian World School in Ranchi, which is renowned for its academic excellence, sports facilities, and focus on the arts. Dhoni is determined to provide Ziva with the best resources to nurture her all-round development.

MS Dhoni's Daughter Ziva Studies In THIS Elite School, Annual Fees Will SHOCK You2023

Taurian World School – A Hub of Excellence

Taurian World School is regarded as one of the finest educational institutions in Ranchi. As expected from a school of such high repute, the fees are substantial. However, Dhoni believes that investing in his daughter’s education and future is priceless.

Unraveling the Fees

According to the fee structure available on the school’s website, a day scholar in Grades 2 to 8, including Ziva, is required to pay an annual sum of Rs 2,75,000. This amounts to roughly Rs 23,000 per month for Ziva’s education at Taurian World School. It is worth mentioning that these fees are exclusively for day scholars. If Ziva were enrolled in the boarding program, the fees would be higher, amounting to Rs 4,40,000 annually.

Affordability for Dhoni

While the fees might seem substantial for many, considering MS Dhoni’s net worth and successful career, these expenses do not burden him financially. The investment in his daughter’s education is a testament to his commitment to providing her with the best opportunities for growth.

Ziva’s Social Media Stardom

Apart from being a dedicated student, Ziva is also a social media sensation. Her Instagram account boasts a massive following of 2.3 million fans. Often spotted cheering for her dad during the Indian Premier League matches, she has become MS Dhoni’s biggest fan.

MS Dhoni's Daughter Ziva Studies In THIS Elite School, Annual Fees Will SHOCK You2023


MS Dhoni’s dedication to his roots and the future of his daughter, Ziva, is truly commendable. By choosing to educate her in Ranchi and ensuring she attends a top-tier school, he is setting a strong example for the importance of balancing fame and humility. Ziva’s journey in both academics and social media stardom is just beginning, and the world eagerly watches her grow and shine.


  1. Is Ziva Dhoni only popular on Instagram? No, Ziva is a well-known figure on multiple social media platforms, but her Instagram account has the largest following.
  2. Does Ziva participate in extracurricular activities at her school? Yes, Ziva actively participates in various extracurricular activities, showcasing her talents beyond academics.
  3. Does MS Dhoni involve himself in Ziva’s school life? Despite his busy schedule, MS Dhoni takes an active interest in his daughter’s school life and academic progress.
  4. Has Ziva Dhoni shown an interest in sports like her father? While Ziva is still young, she has shown enthusiasm for sports and often joins her father during practice sessions.
  5. Are there any plans for Ziva to pursue a career in cricket? As of now, there are no official statements about Ziva pursuing a cricket career. However, her love for the sport is evident.

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