MEG 2 The Trench Review: A Hair-Raising Story of Disaster in the Sea, Giant Fishes Came Out of Hades

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The movie ‘Meg’ featuring the prehistoric giant shark fish became a huge hit five years ago, and now its sequel ‘Meg 2’ is here to take the adventure to a whole new level. Action hero Jason Statham has earned a massive fan base in India, similar to that of Marvel Cinematic Universe and James Bond films. The sequel promises even more danger as the giant fish, previously solitary creatures, have now learned to hunt in groups after the earth’s ocean layer separating them from the underworld breaks. The movie also brings back other ancient creatures from the time of dinosaurs.

MEG 2 The Trench Review: A Hair-Raising Story of Disaster in the Sea, Giant Fishes Came Out of Hades

A New Twist of the Deep Sea

‘Meg 2’ opens with Jason Statham’s character, Jonas Taylor, capturing misdeeds on a ship dumping contaminated chemicals into the sea. When he is about to be caught, he jumps into the deep sea, far away from the earth. He finds himself back in a lab he once helped in an emergency, now under the leadership of Minway Zhang’s son, with Meiying, Minway’s granddaughter, all grown up. However, their routine deep-sea exploration takes a dangerous turn when prehistoric fish surface from an illegal excavation in the underworld.

Tight Screenplay Based on the Novel’s Story MEG 2

The screenplay of ‘Meg 2’, adapted from Steve Allen’s novel ‘The Trench’, keeps the audience engaged with surprising twists. Although the concept of terrifying creatures coming to life is familiar, the writers manage to add depth to the story, making it an interesting watch. Emotions of the characters play a vital role in intensifying the situations, and director Ben Whittle skillfully presents the destructive power of nature on the screen.

Ben Whittle’s Ability Sample

‘Meg 2’ is a testament to the technical abilities of its writers and director, Ben Whittle. Even though some events might be anticipated, the film maintains the audience’s curiosity until the very end. With a runtime of 116 minutes, ‘Meg 2’ keeps a steady pace, offering little downtime and keeping the audience hooked. Ben Wheatley’s direction goes beyond the standard set by the previous film’s director, John Turtletaub.

The Film Rests on the Shoulders of Jason Statham

As expected, ‘Meg 2’ revolves around Jason Statham’s character, Jonas Taylor. Statham’s unique style of talking and his patient and serious demeanor add depth to the role. The film is financed by Chinese Media Capital (CMC) with the aim of appealing to the Chinese audience, which is why renowned hero Wu Jing is also part of the cast. Wu Jing’s character adds tension to the story, contributing to the overall appeal of the film.

MEG 2 The Trench Review: A Hair-Raising Story of Disaster in the Sea, Giant Fishes Came Out of Hades

Fun of the Week

‘Meg 2’ delivers entertainment through supporting roles as well. Sophia as Meiyang and Cliff Curtis as Mack provide essential support to keep the flow of the movie going. Paige Kennedy’s portrayal of DJ adds comic relief, reducing tension and adding a touch of humor. The technical team behind the film deserves praise, as the special effects and shark attack scenes are nothing short of spectacular. However, some underwater sequences lose their grip due to the absence of the previous film’s cinematographer and editor.

MEG 2 The Trench Review: A Hair-Raising Story of Disaster in the Sea, Giant Fishes Came Out of Hades


‘Meg 2: The Trench’ is a gripping and thrilling film that successfully continues the legacy of its predecessor. Jason Statham’s captivating performance, combined with an engaging screenplay and top-notch technical execution, makes this movie a must-watch for fans of action and adventure. The seamless blend of terror, speed, and underwater wonders ensures a memorable cinematic experience for the audience.


  1. Is ‘Meg 2: The Trench’ a standalone movie, or do I need to watch the previous film to understand it? ‘Meg 2: The Trench’ can be enjoyed as a standalone movie, as the storyline is independent. However, watching the first film ‘Meg’ might enhance your understanding of some characters and references.
  2. How does ‘Meg 2’ compare to the first movie in terms of action and thrills? ‘Meg 2’ takes the action and thrills to a whole new level. With the emergence of giant fish hunting in groups, the danger escalates, offering adrenaline-pumping moments throughout the film.
  3. Are there any plans for a third installment in the ‘Meg’ series? As of now, there are no official announcements regarding a third installment. However, given the success of ‘Meg 2’, fans are hopeful for another exciting sequel.
  4. Is ‘Meg 2’ suitable for children, or is it too intense for young audiences? ‘Meg 2’ is rated for a general audience, but due to some intense and thrilling sequences, it may not be suitable for very young children. Parental guidance is recommended for children below a certain age.
  5. Does ‘Meg 2’ pay homage to the horror genre, or is it purely an action movie? While ‘Meg 2’ primarily falls under the action-adventure category, it does incorporate elements of horror, especially during the intense shark attack scenes, adding to the overall suspense and thrill of the film.

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