Lisandro Martinez tells Andre Onana to keep slamming Man Utd defenders after Harry Maguire incident1

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In a recent friendly match between Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund, new Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana made headlines with a passionate outburst directed at his teammate, Harry Maguire. This incident has sparked discussions about team dynamics and leadership within the club. Lisandro Martinez, another defender at Manchester United, has publicly supported Onana’s fiery approach and believes it can benefit the team. This article explores the incident, Onana’s response, and Martinez’s perspective on the matter.

Lisandro Martinez tells Andre Onana to keep slamming Man Utd defenders after Harry Maguire incident

The Incident: Onana’s Furious Rant

During the friendly match, Maguire made a sloppy pass to Christian Eriksen, resulting in a chance for Dortmund. Andre Onana clearly frustrated by the mistake, vocally expressed his displeasure towards Maguire. The incident caught the attention of fans and the media, leading to discussions about Onana’s passion and his willingness to hold his teammates accountable.

Andre Onana Response

In the aftermath of the match, Onana downplayed any issues between him and Maguire, stating that such confrontations are a normal part of football. He emphasized that his actions were driven by his desire to see the team perform at its best and that he is fully committed to the success of Manchester United.

Lisandro Martinez tells Andre Onana to keep slamming Man Utd defenders after Harry Maguire incident

Martinez’s Support

Fellow defender Lisandro Martinez has come out in support of Onana’s approach. Martinez believes that healthy confrontations among teammates can be beneficial for the team’s overall performance. According to him, when players are passionate and committed, they are more likely to challenge each other to improve, leading to a sharper and more cohesive team.

Martinez stated, “It’s better for [it]. If you are focused, you can fight with your teammates as well. You need to make sure everyone is really sharp, but nothing happened. It’s part of football. He has a big personality, he can play football, he can deal with the pressure, he’s really positive, he’s a leader. That’s the style of Manchester United.”

Erik ten Hag’s Decision

During the summer, Manchester United’s coach, Erik ten Hag, made the decision to strip Harry Maguire of the captaincy. Martinez respects the coach’s choice and believes that as players, they must continue to support each other and the team’s new captain, Bruno Fernandes. Martinez commended Fernandes for his positive influence in the dressing room and deemed him worthy of the captaincy.

Maguire’s Future

Following the incident and his captaincy being stripped, Harry Maguire has been linked with a potential move to fellow Premier League side West Ham. The transfer speculation adds an additional layer of uncertainty to Manchester United’s squad dynamics for the upcoming season.


In conclusion, Andre Onana passionate outburst during the friendly match against Borussia Dortmund has ignited discussions about the role of healthy confrontation and accountability within a football team. Lisandro Martinez’s support for Onana’s approach reflects the belief that passionate players with strong personalities can positively impact team dynamics and performance. As the new season approaches, Manchester United will face challenges both on and off the field, and their ability to navigate these situations will be crucial to their success.


  1. Was Andre Onana’s outburst directed solely at Harry Maguire? No, Andre Onanas outburst was directed at Maguire’s mistake on the pitch, not at Maguire personally.
  2. Did the incident cause any rift within the team? Andre Onana and Martinez have both confirmed that there are no issues between them and Maguire. It was a moment of intense passion on the field.
  3. How has the rest of the Manchester United squad reacted to the incident? While there has been no official statement, reports suggest that the squad is supportive of healthy confrontations and believes it can contribute to their growth as a team.
  4. Will Harry Maguire’s potential move to West Ham affect team morale? Transfers are a normal part of football, and while it might bring some uncertainty, the team is expected to remain focused on their goals for the upcoming season.
  5. What role does the coach, Erik ten Hag, play in managing team dynamics? The coach’s decisions have a significant impact on team dynamics. It is essential for players to respect the coach’s choices and work together as a united front.

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