Manipur Video Case 2023: Seventh Suspect Arrested, Search Operation Ongoing

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Recently, the state of Manipur witnessed a deeply disturbing incident that sent shockwaves across the nation. A distressing video emerged on social media, showing women being paraded naked. This incident, which occurred on May 4, sparked widespread outrage and protests in Manipur. In this article, we will delve into the details of the case, the reactions from top authorities, and the impact it has had on Manipur society.

The Emergence of the Distressing Video

On May 4, a video depicting women being humiliated and paraded naked surfaced on social media, leaving the entire nation horrified. The incident took place in Manipur, and the video showed a mob assaulting the women, with allegations of a woman being gang-raped in public. This shocking act triggered protests throughout Manipur, with people demanding justice for the victims.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Reaction

As news of the incident reached him, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his deep anguish and shame. He unequivocally condemned the act and assured the nation that the culprits behind this heinous crime would be apprehended and severely punished. His words resonated with the people, emphasizing the importance of maintaining law and order and ensuring the safety and dignity of all citizens.

Manipur Video Case 2023: Seventh Suspect Arrested, Search Operation Ongoing

Arrests and Ongoing Search Operation

Following the circulation of the video, the Manipur Police launched an extensive search operation to apprehend the culprits responsible for the appalling act. As of now, seven individuals have been arrested, including a minor, in connection with the incident. The police are tirelessly working to track down other individuals seen in the video and bring them to justice.

The Supreme Court’s Involvement

The gravity of the incident led the Supreme Court to take suo motu cognizance of the matter. The court directed the Central and Manipur governments to provide information about the steps taken to hold the culprits accountable. Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud expressed deep displeasure regarding the incident and warned that the court might intervene if necessary action is not taken against the accused.

Manipur Video Case 2023: Seventh Suspect Arrested, Search Operation Ongoing

Manipur Violence and Politics

The violence in Manipur has its roots in the clash between the Kuki and Meitei communities. The clash of ideologies and interests has fueled unrest and violence in the region, with both sides vying for power and representation.

The Clash Between Kuki and Meitei Communities

The ongoing tension between the Kuki and Meitei communities has been a cause for concern in Manipur. To find a lasting solution, it is crucial to understand the historical context and grievances of these communities.

Manipur Video Case 2023: Seventh Suspect Arrested, Search Operation Ongoing

Understanding the Kuki Tribe

The Kuki tribe resides in various Northeastern states in India, North Myanmar, and Bangladesh. Following Christianity, the Kuki community is classified under the ST (Scheduled Tribe) category.

The Staple Food of Kuki and Its History

Fish is the staple food of the Kuki tribe. The Kukis are a Southeast Asian tribe residing in the Mizo hills, bordering India and Myanmar. Their cultural practices, including dietary habits, have been shaped by their geographical location and historical interactions with neighboring communities.


The incident of women being paraded naked in Manipur has shocked the entire nation, sparking widespread outrage and protests. The government, police, and judiciary have taken serious note of the matter and initiated actions to bring the culprits to justice. This incident also sheds light on the deep-rooted issues of violence, hatred, and communal clashes that affect the region. To ensure a safer and harmonious future, addressing these issues and promoting dialogue and understanding among communities is of utmost importance.


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